Lancome Rose Sugar Scrub – A Perfect Scrub for Your Gentle Skin

Lancome Rose Sugar Scrub – A Perfect Scrub for Your Gentle Skin

Lancome Rose Sugar Scrub SingaporeLancome Rose Sugar Scrub Review

I know how it sometimes feels that women are overly obsessed with how they look. The truth is, when you start to approach that age in which your skin starts to get wrinkly, you are bound to get not just obsessed but depressed with your looks. As a product reviewer myself, I love to help women who are worried about their skin health. It is not just age, but the constant exposure to pollution in the air, emotional stress, etc. are also many other factors taking their toll on your skin. If you are worried about your skin and the right way to take care of it, you are going to love what I have brought for you today.

I am Yoshiko Carter, a seasoned cosmetic product reviewer from Singapore, ready at all times to help women with their skin related problems. Whenever I stumble upon a new skincare product, I have to give it a try. And when I find out that the product works, I preach about it. I make sure I let as many women know about the product as possible. Today’s product is one that I am 100% confidently endorsing and spreading the word about. Let’s get to know about it more.

My First Lancome Rose Sugar Scrub Purchase

You can tell at this point that I am talking about Lancome’s amazing rose sugar scrub. Before we get into the many benefits I have enjoyed after the use of this product, let me talk a bit about how I found out about it.

So this particular day, I was looking at products in various stores randomly. I looked at quite a few products on Sephora and MAC Cosmetics. To be honest with you, I had no idea what I was going to buy and why. I just wanted to try something new out. I finally stumble upon this Lancome Rose Sugar Scrub on Sephora. I have to admit at this point that the first thing that caught my attention was the combination of ingredients in this product. You do not find a lot of products with rose water and sugar in them these days. These words are quite simple and clichéd for people perhaps.

Modern women, I believe, are usually attracted by new marketing terms and fancy words. However, as a product reviewer, I have to be as neutral as possible and give everything a try. Sugar and rosewater seemed like some great ingredients. I just picked up the scrub and was ready to give it a try. I could not wait to get home to try this scrub. I am not too sure why I was so excited about this product. Perhaps, I have an innate attraction to roses. So, before we get into the details of how this product works and what benefits it delivers, let’s talk about what exactly it is.

What Is Lancome Rose Sugar Scrub

You can tell from the name that it is a scrub. It is not a cream or a lotion. Therefore, it is not something that you will be wearing on your face all day long. It is an exfoliating product that has been formulated by the company to take away the harmful agents from your skin that cause it to look saggy, aged, and dull. You will be surprised to know that the company has not used the names Sugar and Rosewater only for the sake of marketing. In fact, you find sugar grains inside the product. You can feel the sugar grains scrubbing on your face when you apply it. The freshness of rosewater is something you can’t emphasize enough.

There are many other ingredients inside the product such as almond oil, citric acid, salicylic acid, and many other ingredients that are known for their skincare benefits among the best skincare experts. The idea of the product is to let the sugar grains scrub your skin to remove all the dead cells and rosewater provide your skin with freshness that you desire. As a result of continuously using the product, you should be seeing your skin getting soft, smooth, and glowing.

Why Rosewater and Sugar for Skin

If you do not know, sugar can be a great hydrating and moisturizing agent for your skin. Sugar is known for being a great humectant. A humectant is any ingredient that absorbs water from the air. So, when you have sugar applied on your face, it is constantly pulling water from the air and helping your skin retain it. When it comes to the world of cosmetics, you will rarely find any products or ingredients that are as amazing as sugar for exfoliation. When you scrub the Lancome Rose Sugar Scrub on your face, you can feel the sugar grains removing the dead cells from the skin. As a result, you can notice the glowing, bright, and shiny skin appearing from underneath.

The benefits of rosewater are many for skin. More importantly, rosewater is a popular ingredient in many treatments for treating not just skin but eye and hair-related problems. The most important thing for your skin to remain beautiful and glowing is its pH. Too acidic or too alkaline means that your skin will start doing things unexpectedly. Rosewater keeps the pH of your skin under check. Not to mention, rosewater helps your skin with many anti-inflammatory benefits as well. Its properties against inflammation are not a secret in the world of cosmetics. It can also fight bacteria that cause the acne breakouts on your skin.

In short, you have the perfect ingredients combined in this product to provide your skin with the results that will make you happy.

How Long It Took for Me to Notice the Difference

You will be surprised to know the answer to this particular question. This product works like a charm right from the first application. Yes, it is true that I felt a huge difference in the looks of my skin right after the first use of this product. Apply it to your skin and as soon as you remove the exfoliating scrub from the face, you notice a big bright glow on your face. The most important thing about this product is the beautiful fragrance from rosewater, which keeps you fresh all day. So, if I have to speak the truth, I will say that you will notice a difference right from day one.

However, if you are talking about long-term effects and permanent benefits, you will have to wait for at least a month before you start seeing that the glow and brightness have become a part of your skin. You will notice your skin looking soft and like a baby’s skin. You will be able to feel even a gentle touch on your skin once you start using the scrub.

How to Use Lancome Rose Sugar Scrub

You are going to love the way the company has designed this product. Many scrubs in the market have the problem of being either too thick or too thin. When a scrub is too thin, you can’t apply it on your face. On the other hand, when the scrub is too thick, you have to use a lot of it to cover your face and the application is quite troublesome as well. On the other hand, you have this perfect scrub from Lancome that feels like a gel on your hands and finger. You need to take only a small amount of it and you can then spread it on a large portion of your skin.

It means you do not have to waste a lot of this scrub to cover your entire face. At this point, I would like you to know that this is not a product that you would want to use on a daily basis. That would be e bad idea and cause you to spend too much money too. You can apply only once or twice a week to notice the differences. As I said earlier, the scrub will start delivering the results right from day one, you don’t have to apply it many times just to see how much glow it puts on your face.

Take some of the scrub out of the tube and on your fingers. Spread gently on your face and then use the best scrubbing technique to cover the entire face. Make sure that your skin is completely clean before you apply the scrub. Some moisture should also be there in the skin i.e. do not apply on extremely dry surface. Keep scrubbing for about 60 seconds straight to get the best results. It is best to use slightly warm water when it comes to removing this scrub.

What I Love the Most about Lancome Rose Sugar Scrub

Here are the main highlights of what I love about this product and the reasons I would recommend it to others.

  • It works right from the first application
  • It is quite affordable
  • The fragrance is unmatched
  • Small quantity works well
  • Requires no special actions for application

My Verdict about Lancome Rose Sugar Scrub

I am in love with this product. Not only do I love the feel of my skin after using it for several weeks, but I am also addicted to the fragrance that it leaves on your face after application. The product is from one of the best cosmetic brands, and it is easily available on various online and on-ground stores in Singapore. I recommend it for its qualities and also for its affordability.

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