La Prairie Anti Aging Eye Cream – A Bit Expensive, But You Really Get What You Pay For!

La Prairie Anti Aging Eye Cream – A Bit Expensive, But You Really Get What You Pay For!

La Prairie Anti Aging Eye Cream Review

La Prairie Anti Aging Eye CreamYoshiko Carter here, once again reporting to you about everything you need to know in the cosmetics world. Today, I would like to discuss with you my thoughts about eye creams, more specifically, anti-aging eye creams. See, I never had too much of a problem as far as my skin is concerned. In fact, I it would be fair to say that my skin is naturally beautiful (I don’t mean to brag, I have good genes I guess). So, I was never a big user of eye creams, seeing that that portion of my face never needed any extra work. But being the cosmetics freak I am, I can never say no to products that come in highly recommended. The first thing I do whenever I think I like a product, or when someone gives me a recommendation is go to the nearest possible place where I could buy it. In case, I do not find it, I scour the internet to buy it online.

A friend of mine once recommended me to use an anti-again eye cream. My first reaction to her suggestion was of shock. In fact I got into an argument with her because I did not think that I needed an eye cream. However, after hours and hours of bickering, she convinced me. Or maybe I convinced myself. I thought, what’s the harm in using a cream? If it works, well and good. If it doesn’t, life goes on.  So I bought the recommended cream and used it. Did not feel much of a change after the first day so I kept on using it for days and then for weeks. Despite using the cream for more than 2 weeks, I did not notice a change which strengthened my belief of not needing an anti-aging eye cream.

I did try a few other brands for a couple of months to make sure that I was indeed right. Nothing bought that much of a difference. So I moved on and stopped using eye creams all together.

How I Got Introduced to La Prairie Anti-aging Eye Cream

Fast forward to a year later, it was the summer season, and for some reason I was thinking about Christmas. The heat made me appreciate Christmas so much that I was willing to trade anything for just an hour or two of the Christmas Day. The temperature had increased significantly for the past couple of days. It was above forty degree Celsius. Sure, I do love the summer clothes, tanned skin, the spirit of vacations, and the sun, but the heat was getting excruciatingly unbearable. High temperatures are one of the few things that I am not a major fan of. However, it wasn’t just the reason I was looking to turn time around. The biggest reason was the gift I got on the day of Christmas, and that was La Prairie EYE Cream. I am sure you are surprised and asking yourself why would she turn back time just to discuss eye creams, seeing that I mentioned that they had never worked on me before. Well, buckle up for a ride.

I am proud to tell you that I have tons of friends and I have received tons of gifts over the years. However, this one was special to me for a number of reasons. First of all, it was extremely useful, and secondly, it had an impact on my eye’s skin like I ever imagined before. I had heard tons of great things about La Prairie anti-aging eye cream. However, I did not give it too much attention as eye creams in general never did the trick for me. The price of this cream is not that bad either, especially when you consider its excellent quality. Since you know how I got introduced to this cream, let us delve into the impact it has made on my eye’s skin.

The Difference that La Prairie Anti-Aging Eye Cream Made

Almost eight months after using this cream and benefiting from its qualities, I finally decided to incorporate anti-aging eye creams to my diet.  So yes, I have started buying it regularly.  One of the best things that I have to say about this cream is that despite its relatively reasonable price, it lasts for a long period. It was surprising to me as I use this product at two times per day (Sometimes once a day). If I had not tried the cream myself, I would have never believed this claim either. In my previous experiences with eye creams, they did not last for too long. And seeing that I started using this cream during the winters, a weather where moisturizing the skin is crucial, the cream lasted for a surprisingly long period.

I cannot begin to explain to you the impact that this cream has had for my eye’s skin. Because of using it regularly, it looks softer and smoother than before. Something that I did not believe would be possible earlier. However, this cream changed my mind about that. The La Prairies eye cream also has excellent anti-aging effect along with SPF 15, making you look younger and protecting your skin during the painfully hot and sunny summer days.  No matter what the weather is, your skin will always feel moisturized. The cream has hydrating properties that leave your skin look stunning all day long.

You do not have to apply it twice a day to notice its impact. Just apply it once, ideally during your morning beauty routine and you will be fine for the rest of the day. The cream acts as a protective shield against the daily environment. The shield guards you from unwanted and harmful particles that cause short as well as long term damage to the skin. However, this does not mean that the cream is just restricted for morning time use. It can be used for night time routines as well. Apply it 20 or 30 minutes before going to sleep. Once you wake up, your skin will feel rejuvenated and reinvigorated.  All the stress that accumulates on your face after a tough day will disappear and your beauty will be restored.

In case you do not know, I am a very late sleeper. The main reason for sleeping late is my busy life. Sleeping late makes your eyes and its skin look extremely dull. However, since I have started using La Prairie eye cream, my eyes have never looked dull even if I haven’t slept for a day or more.

Benefits of La Prairie Anti-Aging Eye Cream

Although I have already heaped tons of praises about this cream, you may be surprised to find out that there are some more benefits that I would like to tell you about. Just one week after using this cream thoroughly, I noticed that it reduced puffiness under my eye. It also reduced target lines and darkness below my eye sockets. The cream also battles inflammation, reduces wrinkles, and fights against loss of elasticity. Because of the absence of dark circles, my the skin area of my eyes always looks hydrated and fresh. Believe me when I tell you that using this cream regularly will make your sleepless nights go unnoticed if you work late night shifts with extremely short breaks during the shifts.

Since La Prairie’s eye cream was introduced to my life, I have been using it regularly. Before that, the concept of using eye creams was lost on me. A common mistake that I and plenty of other women are guilty of is that they only start using eye cream when they notice aging signs under their eyes. This is never a good strategy. You can use these creams even if you look young and have no apparent aging signs. I am giving you this advice because, the earlier you start using the cream, the longer you will be able to look younger and prevent the effects of aging appear on your face.

The breakthrough ingredients used in this product specifically target the special vulnerabilities under the eye zone. These ingredients only have one job in mind, and that is to make you look younger.

What Makes La Prairie Eye Cream Unique

The La Prairie eye cream was specifically developed with multi acting interceptors for fighting against redness, dehydration, and absence of youthful appearance near the eye area. These interceptors make sure to improve cell turnover and collagen synthesis. The product also contains the patented cellular complex that most of La Prairie’s products are famous for. The cellular complex helps to stimulate the moisturizing, repair, and energizing process along with the nutrients for encouraging proper functioning.

My Final Thoughts

You must be fully aware by now how big a fan I am of this cream, and believe me when I tell you this, you will also become a massive fan once you start using it. The results show very quickly, making your skin look young and giving you a satisfactory feeling.

That being said I implore all of my friends (which means you too) to give this cream a try. I guarantee that it will be worth the money.

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