Chantecaille Rice & Geranium Foaming Cleanser Review – A Perfect Skin Treatment

Chantecaille Rice & Geranium Foaming Cleanser Review – A Perfect Skin Treatment

Chantecaille Rice & Geranium Foaming Cleanser Review

Chantecaille Rice & Geranium Foaming Cleanser
Chantecaille Foaming Cleanser

Hello, my name is Yoshiko Carter and I am a women’s products reviewer from Singapore. While I travel around the world educating women and helping them pick the best products, I have this special love for my women in Singapore. I want to help them pick the right products and stop them from wasting their money on products that are not meant to work in the first place. The product that I will review today is from a famous brand, namely Chantecaille. Let’s talk about this Rice & Geranium foaming cleanser from this brand and see what my experience was like with it.

One of the hardest tasks for a woman is to find a beauty or skincare product that really works. There is no doubt that this industry is filled with companies and brands that are making women shell out their money for nothing. Many of the products you see on TV, beauty magazines, and online ads are nothing but clumps of talks and marketing allures. Who could know these things better than a women’s beauty and skincare product reviewer like me who has not only seen it all but also experienced a lot to help others stay away from the danger.

How I Purchased My First Chantecaille Foaming Cleanser

I am a sucker for discounts and special offers on skincare products. These discounts allow me to buy products in bulk and buy a variety of them. When I have a variety of products, I can review a bunch of them to help my readers pick the right product. Even if one woman reads my review and picks the right product, I consider that a huge success. Fortunately, I have helped thousands of women so far with their product choices. I stumbled upon this cleanser when I was looking for one for myself because mine had ended.

This one had a great deal on it when I found it on Look Fantastic online store. If you are looking for a great deal, I highly recommend you to look for this product right now. Christmas is around the corner and you might grab an unbelievable deal while buying this foaming cleanser.

The Foaming Cleanser from Chantecaille

First things first, you use this product when you wish to wash your face. It is not something that you will leave on your face overnight, which means you will see the results instantly after the application. However, the most prominent results take some time and multiple applications of the product. If you look at the basic details of the product, you might get the impression that it is only meant to help you take off your makeup. While that’s one of the purposes of the product, you cannot say that it is the only one. In fact, this cleanser can do wonders for your skin and I will explain that later on in this review.

The two main ingredients are mentioned in the name of the product. However, you do not see these ingredients used in cosmetic products that often. So, does rice really do anything for your skin? You will be surprised how benefiting rice can be for skin. When you talk about rice, you usually refer to the water that’s obtained from rice, also known as rice wine. This wine is associated with many skincare benefits, one of which is the boosted production of the skin proteins. The major skin protein that helps it stay in shape is collagen.

On the other hand, you have geranium in the product. If you search for geranium on the internet, you will find a beautiful colorful flower. Of course, that’s what geranium is and the cleanser from Chantecaille has been designed to make your skin just as bright, delicate, and beautiful. If you do not know already, geranium contributes to the creation of an essential oil that is considered a holy grail for skincare. For women who are dealing with aging signs on their skins, geranium essential oil can be quite an addition to their skincare regimen.

A Detailed Look into the Ingredients

So, I have already talked to you about how rice water can contribute to the health of your skin. The first thing you will read about rice water is that it helps greatly the people who have sun damage. In addition to that, pigmentation of your skin is another issue that this ingredient can deal with. If you have a product with rice water in it, you can consider that product a free sunblock because of the sun blocking properties of this ingredient. Not to mention, rice water also gets a lot of attention for being a great anti-oxidant. When an ingredient is anti-oxidant, you know it is going to help you with aging signs.

Many of the cosmetic products you use have some harsh chemicals in them. Rice water is known to nullify the harmful effects of those ingredients, most importantly SLS.

When it comes to geranium, many women around the world already use its essential oil for their skin. Astringent nature of the extracts from this flower makes it a perfect ingredient in any product for fighting the aging signs. Because of these qualities, this ingredient can help you get rid of the wrinkles and fine lines that have started to appear on your skin because of ageing. Saggy and wrinkly skin is one of the major problems that can you deal with by using geranium products such as this foaming cleanser from Chantecaille.

The extracts from geranium also contain a constituent known as Geraniol. This particular component has anti-oxidant properties and thus it can help you fight off the ageing signs if you are dealing with them. Not to mention, geranium has some great refreshing and anti-anxiety properties as well.

In addition to the main ingredients, you also have green tea constituents in this product. Green tea is used around the world for its anti-oxidant properties. Not only that, green tea is also famous for anti-microbial properties in it that help you stay away from the effects of acne. It brings into control the excessive production of sebaceous fluids in your skin that causes acne. Last but not least, this cleanser has the benefits of olive leaves in it as well.

If you are dealing with dry skin, you will love this particular ingredient. Dehydration is a condition that olive can magically work on because of its vitamin A and E contents. It also contributes to the sun-protective qualities of the product.

Using Chantecaille Foaming Cleanser

It is one of the easiest products to use and one that gives you results right after the first wash. So, take a small quantity of the cleanser on your fingers and start massaging on the skin gently. Use water to form foam and use just like any other regular cleanser. Once the application is complete, use clean water to wash your face and then use a piece of linen or towel to dry. Make sure you avoid rubbing the towel on the skin.

How Often You Can Use It

The usage of this cleanser depends on how fast you want the results and also the type of skin you have. I highly recommend women with dry skin to use it fewer times in a week. If you have an extremely dry skin, I would say you should use it only once on alternate days of the week. On the other hand, if you have an oily skin, you can use it on your face once every day, or even twice when you want.

How Soon Did I Get the Results?

As you know at this point, I am a reviewer and I am often traveling. My exposure to the sun is much more than other women. I noticed the results instantly after washing my face after the first application because of the sun damage that’s done to my skin. I also felt tightening in my skin after using the product for a week. I love the fragrance of the cleanser and the refreshing feeling it gives me when I apply it. I would say that women with dry skin might have to be patient with the results because they cannot use the product as often as women with oily skin can.

If you have an extremely dry skin, do not overuse the product only to get the result sooner. It is best that you use it not more than four times a week to get the best results. Within a month, you will notice a visible difference in the suppleness, tightness, and brightness of your skin.

My Final Verdict on Chantecaille Geranium and Rice Foaming Cleanser

I highly recommend this product for its great benefits. It is easy to use and the ingredients in it are some of the most recommendable ones for any skincare regimen. A pack of the cleanser can be a great gift for your loved one as well. However, do provide some verbal instruction to the person you are recommending or gifting it to based on their skin type.

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