Chanel Le Lift Eye Concentrate Review – How I Got Rid of Old Eyes With Chanel Eye Cream!

Chanel Le Lift Eye Concentrate Review – How I Got Rid of Old Eyes With Chanel Eye Cream!

Chanel Le Lift Eye Concentrate Review

Chanel Le Lift Eye Concentrate
Chanel Le Lift Eye Concentrate

It is quite surprising that we usually ignore the most prominent area on the face that shows the signs of our aging. We usually focus on the entire face while completely neglecting the fact that only certain areas give the impression of old age on most occasions. In my case, when I passed the 40 mark on the age meter, the first aging signs appeared on and around my eyes. The skin between my eyes and eyebrows started to look loose and saggy. The skin around my eyes started to get puffy and of course, you have the crow’s feet to make things worse.

You cannot forget that I am Yoshiko Carter, the Singaporean lady with a mission to find the best ways to fight aging. I help Singaporean women with the best products on the market to help them stay young and look beautiful. You can tell that I was not going to ignore the signs of ageing around my eyes just like that. I had to do something about them and I did. I found the best solution to my ageing eyes within a week. How did I find the solution and what was the solution? Let’s find out.

The Path to Chanel Le Lift Concentrate for Eyes

I could not take the sight of my eyes and the skin around them in the mirror. I kept getting up from my bed to see how they looked. For three days, I could not sleep peacefully. I just had to do something about my eyes as soon as possible. So, I canceled all my appointments, meetings, gatherings, etc. that evening and went out. My first destination was the mall at Marina Bay Sands. Based on my past experienced, I knew I was going to find something great there. I was not wrong at all. I found Chanel’s anti-wrinkle magic in the form of Le Lift at one of the shops in the mall.

That day was quite a surprise for me. I could not believe that companies were making products specifically for eyes. In my mind, I was thinking about some kind of cream or lotion that I had to apply to my entire face to get rid of the wrinkles, sagginess, and puffiness around my eyes. I was never even going to think about getting a surgery to fix the puffiness of my eyes, let alone go for the surgery. Therefore, when I picked up the eye concentrate from Chanel in my hands, I knew I had found the solution to my problem.

Detailed Information about Chanel Eye Concentrate for Wrinkles and Puffiness

The brand has created this amazing product specifically for eyes. It works on the skin surrounding your eyes to give you a fresh and young look. What I loved the most about this product is that the brand had promised for me to look young instantly. Not only that, the product was supposed to look the area around my eyes brighter, which was going to take care of the dark spots around my eyes. If you don’t know, the dark spots around my eyes were a result of me not getting enough good night sleep for multiple days because of the worry.

There are many effective ingredients that make this eye concentrate a great product. However, the two ingredients are the star of the show. Let’s talk about those two ingredients and how they work to make your eyes look younger.

·         Marine Extract

You do not get a clear idea of the ingredient when you look at the name first. You are right if you can’t put your finger on a specific herb or ingredient after looking at that name. The reality is that marine extract is a concentrate coming from a variety of botanicals that reside inside the sea. While it might sound like something new to many people, the use of plants and herbs inside the sea for various healthcare, medical, and skincare reasons has been around for several centuries. In fact, this particular hobby is an art from the past, namely Thalassotherapy.

You might be new to the idea of extracting concentrates from marine life for skincare, but cosmetic companies have been using these extracts for years. The most important reason you will love this ingredient in your product is the anti-oxidant nature they have. Yes, marine extracts have been added to this particular formula because of their antioxidant properties. When you apply the concentrate on your eyes, you know it is going to fight the free radicals in your skin that are causing it to be droopy, saggy, and puffy.

If you read the recent studies and researches, you will realize that many of the potent constituents of the marine extracts have proven to be great for skin health. Not only have they been used for treating skin ageing, but many studies have shown their anti-cellulite and anti-inflammatory properties as well. Marine extract is one of the main ingredients in this product so you know how you will benefit from it.

·         Dicaffeoylquinic Acid

You might not have heard its name a lot but you will be in awe when you hear about the many benefits it has for any skin type. The most important thing to know here is that Chanel skincare has worked for years to find a concentrate from this ingredient that’s even more powerful than the ingredient itself. 3.5DA is what you will see on the label and that term indicates a powerful acid that comes from Edulis Morning Glory. Once again, you are looking at an ingredient that’s known for its antioxidant qualities.

In short, you are not getting one but two main ingredients that have made a name around the world for their antioxidant properties. Together, they work to give you the skin that you have been desiring. If your eyes look puffy, spotty, black, and old, you are better off using this product because of the extracts that you will find in it. Due to the presence of this and the above mentioned ingredients, you do want to know that you might not be able to use the product if you are a vegan or you use only Kosher products.

What Benefits I Obtained from Chanel Eye Concentrate

The results were fantastic but what I love the most about this product is that it does more than what I expected it to. When I bought the concentrate, I was of the view that it was going to make my skin look bright only. However, that was only one of the many great benefits that I obtained from this concentrate. First of all, I started feeling that the skin around my eyes had become a bit firm and tight when I used the cream the first two times. Do you know what happens when your skin becomes firm and tight? Of course, the wrinkles around the eyes start to disappear.

In addition to the disappearing fine lines and wrinkles, I saw a huge improvement in the puffiness of my eyes. Trust me, wrinkles do not look even half as bad as the puffiness around the eyes. What made matters worse were the dark spots around my eyes that formed because of my sleep deprivation. On top of it all, I noticed this amazing glow around my eyes where I had applied the concentrate. This particular region had become brighter and for that reason, I started to look 10 years younger than my age. I was surprised how much age difference the area around my eyes made.

How Long It Took for the Product to Really Work

Some of the benefits can be felt right after the first use of the product. When you apply the concentrate the way you should, you can feel a noticeable firmness and tightness in the skin around your eyes for the whole day. But that effect is only temporary. Keep applying the concentrate for a week and you will start noticing some permanent improvements as well. In two weeks, I was completely blown away by the product and what it had done for me. I am pretty sure it is not going to take more than this amount of time for you to notice the benefits either.

How to Apply the Chanel Anti-wrinkle Concentrate for Eyes

The process is very simple so I will not beat about the bush and tell you what it is like. Dip the end of your finger inside the concentrate and apply under and over your eyes. Always make sure that the movement of your finger while applying the concentrate is from inward to outward i.e. from the bone of the nose to the outward corner of the eye. Use your finger gently to apply. You do not need to press or massage the area at all.

My Final Verdict of the Product

I am a happy customer and would just as happily recommend this amazing concentrate to other women as well. I would say it works much better than other products that are meant to work on your entire face. This particular product is for your eyes and that’s where it works wonderfully. It might seem a bit expensive at first, but hey, nothing’s more precious than looking younger.

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