La Mer Eye Cream Review – Is It Worth It?

La Mer Eye Cream Review – Is It Worth It?

La Mer Eye Cream Review

La Mer Eye Cream, The Eye Concentrate
La Mer Eye Cream, The Eye Concentrate

Every once in a while a skincare product appears that we are not sure whether we should try or not. Not because it is pricey or anything, but because we haven’t much about it. La Mer’s excellent eye cream is not one of those products. It is well known by almost everyone who uses skin care products regularly. Because of the popularity of this brand and its products, I decided to do some deep digging to see what it is about it that makes it so special. Quite a lot of people have praised it over the years. So without further ado, let us discuss this eye cream in further detail.

Things to Know About this Cream

This eye cream by La Mer is a special rejuvenating cream that is extremely helpful for reducing wrinkles and lines around the eyes. If you want to determine whether it would be the right option for you or not, it is vital to be aware of the ingredients used in it and how they impact the skin. First off, this product is great. It is suitable for virtually all types of skins.  As you may know, this company manufactures several products for skin care. The founder of this company, Max Huber started the La Mer creams to treat his own skin conditions which occurred due to an experiment gone wrong in his laboratory. He incorporated sea kelp in the creams to make them more potent, especially for his deep injuries. Rest assured, the ingredients present in La Mer’s eye cream or any other cream for that matter are perfect for restoring the best version of your skin.

La Mer’s eye cream is easily available on the company’s website. You can even purchase it from several Singapore cosmetics and skin care websites just like I did. From my experiences using it, I have to say that the cream was well worth the price. And when you consider the ingredients used in it along with the packaging, the price is more than justified. I also firmly believe that no one will have much of a problem in choosing this cream as it is suitable for most skin types. I personally recommend everyone to try the 0.5 ounces bottle. Reason being that it lasts long and provides excellent value for money.

First Impressions

Upon using this cream for the first time, you will notice its impact right away. For me, it took two to three days to notice the difference in my eye’s skin area. But it did not stop there; as I continued applying this cream for a long period I continued to notice steady changes and improvements to my skin, which is why I incorporated La Mer’s eye cream to my daily skin care regimen. If you take the leap of faith and go for this cream, I guarantee that you will be happy with your investment and more importantly, its results.

Upon more than a month of La Mer’s concentration eye cream, I noticed a significant reduction of dark circles which were present under my eyes. This cream contains hematite, a mineral that is really helpful for dissolving extra dark circles. It is also capable of improving uneven skin problems, and fixing various types of skin discolorations. La Mer also has some ingredients that soften skin lines and wrinkles by tenfold. So you might be wondering, what is the end result of using this cream. Well, it is quite simple actually; you will have healthy looking skin all year round if you incorporate it in your regular skin care routine.

How I Recommend Applying It

I am well aware that everybody has their own method of applying this cream. I have my own way as well; however, I recently learned that there is a specific method to apply creams, especially when it comes to eye creams.

First of all, I would advise you to use this cream once after you wake up and once during the evening every day. You can also apply it at night instead of the evening if you want. The important thing is to make sure that you use this cream daily. It will be really helpful to reduce the effects of lack of sleep and various other elements that can create imperfections around your eye are. Just remember not to apply this cream on irritations or cuts as it will make things from bad to worse.

Coming back to the topic of applying this cream, just take a small dab of it on your finger, and spread it across your eye are, especially where you sight imperfections. Massage your skin with this cream with your fingers. Make sure that you do not press your fingers hard against the skin. Keep it gentle.

My Overall Experience with the La Mer Eye Cream

As we grow older, our eye bags are becoming visibly heavier. Back when I was in my mid teams, I used to stay up all night, go to parties and have fun without seeing any damage on my skin, especially around the eye area. However as I approach my late 20s, things have changed, my eye bags become visibly heavier and darker if I stay up all night and do not apply a top quality eye cream to conceal the damage.

Fortunately with the La Mer Eye cream, I can still afford to stay late at night without worrying about its impact on my skin. I just need to make sure that I am consistent with the product’s application. A lot of you might be surprised to find this out, but the skin around the eyes is quite delicate in comparison to other parts of the face. And since we constantly tend to rub and squint our eyes, the signs of fatigue and aging become more apparent. Wrinkles and crow’s feet are the biggest telltale signs.

An excellent eye cream like this one helps to prevent exactly that. Additionally, it also helps to minimize dark spots, and moisturize the dry areas of your skin, the list is endless. When I bought this product, I planned to test it for no more than 10 days. However, it took me only 3 days to realize that this was the cream for me. Since then, I have been a regular user of this excellent eye cream.

Ingredients Make All the Difference

La Mer eye concentrate smells excellent, its smells like fresh cucumber extract, and feels really cool on skin, which is perfect for making anyone relax. The creamy and thick texture is perhaps the thing that I like most about this cream. It is a sign that it contains highly concentrated emollients.

Whenever I have applied this cream after or before sleepless shifts at the office, I noticed that my eye’s skin was significantly firmer. The difference was easily noticeable. As I mentioned earlier, you just have to take a peas sized quantity of La Mer’s eye cream and form a semi-circle shape below your lash line and along the orbital bone. Rub it gently for a minute or so in a sweeping motion as it will make the absorption process a lot easier.

The list of ingredients used in this eye cream runs very long, so I decided to list some of the main ones that make the most impact. Here they are:

  • Dimethicone
  • Glycerin
  • Cyclopentasiloxane
  • Seaweed Extract
  • La Mer’s Miracle broth for elastin production and stimulating collagen
  • Radiant Ferments for banishing dark circles and draining the toxins away

These products are integral for the effectiveness of this product. I have seen a lot of physicians recommending it just because of that. Just like most top rated skin care products, this one also contains seaweed extract, which is also referred to as algae. Seaweed extract contains antioxidant properties that are helpful for shielding the skin from a variety of toxins. There is also artemia extract in this cream which is the biggest reason why this cream eliminates wrinkles so effortlessly. In addition, cyclopentasiloxane creates a protective barrier for sealing moisture in the skin. It causes a little bit of puffiness, which smoothens the wrinkles out, after which, the puffiness disappears.  

There are no sulphates, phthalates, and parabens in this product, which ensures that the cream is as safe as it gets. You can also pair this cream with other La Mer skin products like:

  • La Mer moisturizing cream
  • La Mer Concentrate
  • La Mer treatment lotion

Should You Buy It?

Here is the bottom line, La Mer’s Eye cream is extremely effective because of the natural ingredients used in it. They work wonders around the eye, especially in the important and sensitive areas. I highly recommend this product because of its quick impact and decent price.

This product was manufactured with the company’s signature Miracle Broth. It dramatically helps to reduce skin unevenness, skin, surface discolorations, puffiness, puffiness, and dark circles. After using the cream continuously over time, the wrinkles and fine lines will look much softer and will be replaced with smoother, healthier, and highly luminous skin. This product comes along with a special cooling applicator that is specifically designed to gently massage and sweep the product inside the skin for maximum benefits.

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