Chanel Blue Serum Review – Putting Chanel’s Blue Serum To The Test

Chanel Blue Serum Review – Putting Chanel’s Blue Serum To The Test

Chanel Blue Serum Review

Chanel Blue Serum
Chanel Blue Serum

Despite the fact that I am a reviewer of women’s beauty products, I have my natural skin related issues that I have to deal with every day. I, Yoshiko Carter, am known among Singaporean women for recommending the best skincare products and devices. I travel the world to discover the hidden secrets for women to look more beautiful than they already are. However, it does not exempt me from the skin related issues and challenges. I have served the industry for decades and have finally reached a point where I feel ageing has started to spread its wings upon me.

I was fighting with fine lines and wrinkles on my face two months ago. It was quite hurting emotionally to know that I had to deal with these problems despite knowing almost every great product out there for skin wrinkles and creases. But you know what? No amount of skincare routines and regimens are going to stop you from aging. However, there are certain products that can keep the age wrinkles away from you for some time, and I was in need of exactly that product. That’s when I found Chanel Blue Serum. This revitalizing youth serum from Chanel has come to me as a life savior.

The Face Revitalizing Blue Serum from Chanel

As you can tell from the name, this serum is meant to revitalize your skin so you can look young again. Well, it cannot turn back the time but it can definitely hide the effects of ageing that have started to make you look time-beaten. I can tell you from experience that this cream can make you look 10 years younger than your age because of how well it works on the wrinkles and fine lines. It comes in a 30ml bottle and can be applied to the skin just like any other serum on the market. The best thing about this product is the research that has gone behind its creation.

You will be surprised to know that Chanel went to the regions of the world where people show signs of ageing very late in their lives. In simple words, these particular people are using a diet or living in an environment where they get a good dose of anti-ageing elements naturally. After researching these regions and the constituents of those environments, Chanel ended up using three ingredients in its blue serum. These three ingredients are Lentisk, Green Coffee, and Bosana Olives. I will go into the details of these ingredients one by one later in the review. Let me first tell you where I found this product and for how much.

Where I Found the Blue Serum from Chanel

So, there is no doubt that Vivo City is one of the best places to shop for any product in Singapore. This place is fun and contains the biggest collection of lifestyle products. It is home to some of the biggest brands of the world, be it cosmetics, skincare, handbags, or whatever you can think of. There is a reason I went to this place to find the right product for my face. I knew I will find something that will work, and I was ready to pay any price for that product. It turned out to be this serum from Chanel, whose packaging I would say is not the most flattering. But who cares about the packaging for as long as the product works like a charm?

I am sure you can find the same serum from other malls as well. If you are not someone who likes to wander around for such items, I can tell you that Chanel’s products are easily available online as well. Lazada is a great place to get your hands on this serum. When I purchased the serum, it cost me around S$160 with a discount from the store. I am sure you can qualify for some kind of discount at the time of purchase as well. Not to mention, you have the holiday season going on, so you will definitely get a deal better than I did. Here’s a suggestion; if you are getting a good deal, stock a few units of this serum because you are going to love it.

Detailed Review of Chanel’s Blue Serum and Its Ingredients

As I mentioned earlier, Chanel took the liberty to visit the regions of the world where people show the signs of aging very later in their lives. In short, they get older only in their “truly” old age. Here are the three ingredients that Chanel gathered to create this formula and the benefits that you can expect from those ingredients.

·         Lentisk

This particular constituent comes from Greece and it works on the skin to make it stronger and more powerful against germs and bacteria. The most important quality of Lentisk is that it is anti-septic in nature. So, when you have a product that contains this particular ingredient, you know it is meant to repair your skin. It can repair the damage to your skin. Not only that, it can also help you with irritations arising from various allergies or just the sensitivity of your skin. If you do not know already, Lentisk has an entire history of usage since the ancient times. It heals your skin, repairs the damage, and protects it from inflammation and various other outbreaks.

·         Bosana Olives

Olives are already known for their skin and body benefits. Bosana olives can provide some additional benefits to your skin and that’s why they have been added by the brand in this formula. The extracts from these olives are meant to protect your skin with their shielding effects because of the many polyphenols in them. Polyphenols present in olives also help you keep the ageing signs away from your skin. In addition to reducing the wrinkles on your facial skin, olives can also play a major role in minimizing the dark spots that come with sun damage, poor diet, and ageing.

Not to mention the hydrating qualities of olives. They contain vitamin A and E to help your skin stay moisturized for a long time after the application of this serum. Bosana olives are extremely powerful and every benefit that you expect from olives is doubled in this species.

·         Green Coffee

Many women around the world have to face the redness of skin, which they cannot even figure out. You just cannot put your finger on the issue that caused the redness of the skin. However, this redness usually occurs in women who are exposed directly to the sun for longer periods. If you face this problem, you will love the addition of green coffee in this formula because of how perfectly it deals with that problem. The main constituent of green coffee that bestows these properties to it is chlorogenic acid. In addition to that, you will be surprised to know that caffeine can also help you stay away from the wrinkles and fine lines that come with age. Ample quantities of caffeine can help you smoothen your skin and make it look neat.

How to Use the Blue Serum

Applying this serum is not big deal. If you have used a serum before, you already know how to use it. However, if you are using a serum for the first time, here are the steps to do it.

  • Wash your skin with a gentle soap or face wash
  • Pat dry your face gently with a towel – avoid scrubbing
  • Clean your face thoroughly to ensure there is no residue from the towel left on your face
  • Apply a cleanser if you use one
  • Clean your face again
  • Apply the serum to your face with your fingers
  • Make sure you cover every inch of the face with it
  • Let the serum absorb in your skin

It is up to you to use this serum as a standalone product or apply it just before you use the serum that you normally use.

How Long before You See the Effects

As per the brand, you will have to wait for a month before you see any visible results. You also have to ensure that you are using the serum regularly and according to a strict schedule. You have to choose whether you want to apply it in the morning or evening. I always apply it in the morning just before I start my meditation and yoga session. In my case, I noticed the visible results in just two weeks.

I could honestly feel the firmness of my skin as if someone was pulling it in place gently. At the same time, many of the tiny wrinkles that were causing my skin to look creased were gone completely. The dark and deep grooves had become very light. The glow was there too but I would recommend the product for its anti-ageing effects, not the radiance or glow.

Final Verdict about Blue Serum from Chanel

I think this product is worth every penny that I spent on it. I was deeply worried about the fine wrinkles that I had started to notice on my face two months ago. I can clearly see that my skin is plump, firm, and tight today. In my case, I easily look eight years younger than my age. I recommend this product to women who are dealing with ageing signs just like me.

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