Dior Capture Youth Serum Review – Revisiting My Younger Years Magically

Dior Capture Youth Serum Review – Revisiting My Younger Years Magically

Dior Capture Youth Serum Review

Dior Capture Youth Serum
Dior Capture Youth Serum

Hormone changes can be a nightmare for any woman, and I am not exception. If you are reading my review for the first time, let me tell you who I am. I am proud Singaporean women’s skincare product reviewer, Yoshiko Carter. I deal with the same problems you have to deal with, but I have my way of finding solutions. I find a solution and then I let other women know about it so they can feel better about themselves too. The product that I am going to talk about today is one that I had no plans of using. In fact, I could not have imagined ever that I would be using it.

Let me tell you that my skin is not the driest in the world. However, the recent hormone changes in my body after I have approached the 40 mark have changed a lot of things about me. I used to have oily skin but that’s not the case anymore. Just five months back, I started to feel that my skin was showing signs of dryness. That was something new for me. I could not have had a worst nightmare because every product in my drawers and on the dressing table was going to become unusable.

One more thing that I want to tell you here is that dry skin is an open door for ageing signs to walk into your life. Yes, if your skin is dry, you are more prone to looking old than someone with oily skin. So, this happened with me and I had to find a solution.

How I Found Dior Capture Serum

Could there be a better place in Singapore than the Knightsbridge Mall when it comes to shopping for women? If you have just got married, I recommend that you push your husband to take you to this mall. It looks gorgeous at night and offers you just about anything that you are looking for. So, I went to the mall with my best friend Angie. Luckily, she was the first one to spot the Capture Serum from Dior Skincare at a cosmetics shop. It was quite a moment for us because she is one of those women who have no interest in skincare products. Her skin has always been naked, stripped of any kind of makeup item that you can think of.

Now, I have to admit here that I love Dior as a brand, but I was quite skeptical about the product. In my mind, I kept thinking that the product was not going to work for me. Not to mention, I was not too sure how a youth serum could reverse the signs of aging. Furthermore, I had this complication in mind that my skin was not always dry. It had always been oily, but it had turned into Sahara Desert just recently. So, I thought the dryness of my skin was not the regular dryness of other “permanently” dry skins. But, of course, I could not have bought a product for oily skin because that was not my skin anymore. Eventually, I brought this serum home with fingers crossed.

What Dior Plumping Serum Really Does

Okay, the first thing you have to know is that it is for dry skin. You can use it without a care if you have a normal skin too. However, you should not buy this product if you have an oily skin. It is basically an anti-ageing serum that is supposed to work on the fine lines and wrinkles that have started to appear on your face. Yes, you have to apply this serum only to your face and no other parts of the body. I am sure Dior has many other products that work on other parts of your body.

Its main job is to hydrate your skin with all the right nutrients that it needs. At the same time, it has many anti-oxidant qualities that help your skin fight the ageing signs. It has a significant amount of repairing effect as well. So, when you apply this cream, you are not just preventing the ageing signs from appearing but you are killing the ones that have already appeared. Last but not least, this serum will make your skin look young, supple, plump, and tighter than before. Due to the addition of some ingredients, the product also leaves your skin looking brighter.

Detailed Knowledge of Plumping Serum and Its Effects

Let’s talk about the most important ingredients in this serum that will help your skin look young again.

·         Hyaluronic Acid

This particular acid is found in almost every cosmetic and skincare product on the shelf today. Experts preach about it and those who use skincare products look specifically for it on the label. It will not be wrong to say that hyaluronic acid is one of the most potent ingredients when it comes to fighting the ageing signs. Why it works like a charm is because it directly addresses the root cause that’s causing the ageing process to be faster on your skin i.e. the dryness. It takes away the dryness of your skin and helps it retain more moisture from the air.

By doing that, it takes care of the wrinkles on your skin as well. Many products include this acid for its healing effects. Yes, it can repair the damage done to your skin by pollution and many other harmful agents. You must not forget that two people might have the same wrinkles and fine lines, but the one with dry skin will seem older because of the prominent appearance of the fine lines. Using hyaluronic acid continuously for a long time can heal your skin and make it look young.

·         Iris Extract

This particular ingredient has a very unique role to play in the health of your skin. When you age, the slowed down metabolism of your body causes a lot of negative changes in various organs. Skin is affected by the slowed down metabolism as well. The proteins that bind the skin cells together start showing signs of degradation. That’s a situation that you want to stay away from at any cost. How do you do that? You do that with the help of iris extract. This ingredient is common in products that are meant for anti-ageing effects in women.               

It also does a lot of things that hyaluronic acid does. For example, it helps your skin remain hydrated for a long time. The more moisture your skin stores, the less it is prone to dryness. The less your skin is prone to dryness, the milder the fine lines and wrinkles appear. Proper hydration of your skin means that it becomes more flexible as well, so it does not break down when changes due to ageing occur.

·         Castor Oil (Hydrogenated)

Castor oil also works like magic for your skin. The first thing that is going to impress you about this oil is that it has anti-inflammatory qualities so you can expect it to prevent any inflammation of the skin. It also contains a specific acid that prevents the outbreaks of acne on your skin. If your skin is patchy, you will benefit greatly from this amazing ingredient in this product.

How to Apply the Youth Serum from Dior

You can apply this serum just like you apply any other. I highly prefer to apply serums with fingers. Take some on your fingers and gently spread on your face to cover the entire area that you need to work on. Spread enough on your face so that the serum starts to disappear. However, you have to make sure that some of the dampness of the serum still stays. The rest of it will absorb into your skin within a few minutes. If you don’t know, Dior also has a cream with the same name. If you want to make the most of this serum, you can mix a little with that cream before application.

How Fast the Youth Serum Works

It takes only a week for you to notice the visible results. I started feeling the tightness of my skin within a week. The fine lines around my eyes started disappearing completely after three weeks, but I still noticed them going away to some extent after a week. I would say that the best results are visible after a month of use. That’s when people will see your face and say that you look younger. You don’t have to worry about any parabens and sulfates in this product. It is a clean product that gives you some great results without much effort.

My Final Verdict about Youth Serum from Dior

Dior is a famous brand, and one with great reputation. They make great products and I am an admirer of how they formulate them. Their ingredients are unique and you often find skin experts talk about these ingredients with great words. The serum worked excellently for me. I am now thinking about using it with the cream to see if that does something different. In the meantime, I recommend you to try this product and see the result for yourself.

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