Lancome Youth Activating Serum Review – Is Lancome Youth Activating Serum The Best Way to Look Young?

Lancome Youth Activating Serum Review – Is Lancome Youth Activating Serum The Best Way to Look Young?

Lancome Youth Activating Serum Review

Lancome Youth Activating Serum Review
Lancome Youth Activating Serum Singapore

Ageing can be scary, and I know it because I have reached the age where its signs start to show up. Of course, we cannot stop ageing, but we can definitely fight its signs and keep them from appearing with various products. Unfortunately, many products that claim to have anti-ageing properties do nothing. I know the failure rate of such products by experience. As an experienced reviewer of skincare products in Singapore, I have tried just about any product you can name to hide the signs of ageing on my face.

As a woman, I can’t tolerate even the slightest and least visible lines on my face that tell others that I am ageing. If you are a Singaporean woman, I can assure you that you have come to the right place. Today, I will talk to you about a product that works like a charm to take away the wrinkly skin and fine lines on your face to make you look young again. There is no rocket science involved and the product is available in a variety of sizes to not only fit your lifestyle but your budget as well.

I found this product on iPrice’s Singaporean website. I have not stopped using it since then and I think I never will stop using it because of the benefits it has been offering me. Let’s find out about the product.

Lancome Youth Activating Concentrate Serum

This Genifique serum from Lancome is designed for women who have reached the age where fine lines and wrinkles start to show up. Every day you wake up in the morning, see your face in the mirror and wonder how a particular line appeared on a certain part of your face. There are some great things that I have to share about this product. Let’s start with its ingredients and then get into how you can apply it and when you can expect the results to be visible on your face.

·         What Is the Youth Activating Serum from Lancome?

As the name tells, it is a serum with smooth texture that you can apply on your skin, especially your face. The idea is to strengthen your skin in such a way that it feels more supple, strong, and youthful. The main agent playing the role of making your skin look youthful is the microbiome formula that has been used for making this product. When you say the word microbiome, you are referring to millions of tiny microorganisms on your skin that make it look the way it is. Your skin is like a forest in which these organisms live and thrive. Their health is extremely important to keep your skin not only healthy but well-balanced as well.

If the balance of this ecosystem of microorganisms gets disturbed, you start noticing the effects on your skin. Your skin starts to become dull and the ageing signs appear faster than they should. In short, you start looking older than you are in no time. Bring the balance of these organisms back and your skin will start looking young again. That’s what this youth serum from Lancome does. It strengthens the microorganisms to make your skin stronger and recover from any day-to-day damages fast.

·         What Are the Ingredients of Youthful Serum?

You will find a variety of ingredients inside this formula, and each ingredient has been put into the formula for making the organisms inside your skin stronger. Some of the important ingredients you will find in this serum include but are not limited to ascorbyl glucoside, water, extract of rosa gallica, sorbitol, etc. The product contains dozens of such ingredients, which means this formula has been created by professional chemists who understand the structure of each component and its benefits for the skin.

·         How Much Does the Serum Cost?

The serum is quite affordable if you ask me. I am the kind of person who always looks for ways to save money when buying these products. Of course, I am product reviewer so I have to make sure I give Singaporean women the benefits in every shape and form when they purchase something that I have recommended to them. So, I bought the product from iPrice where I got free shipping after my first order every time. For the first time, I had ordered only one bottle because I wanted to check it before using it. After that, I have always gone for free shipping and I also make sure to take advantage of any discounts that keep coming seasonally.

As for the actual price of the product, I will only quote the price that I paid. You might find the price to be different based on where you are purchasing the product. When I purchased the first 7ml bottle, it cost me only $20. Of course, you have different sizes of bottles available containing different quantities. You will have to pay more for more quantity. The biggest bottle has 75ml of serum in it. You also have the 50ml and 30ml bottles. The 7ml bottle that I purchased was perfect for me because I can even carry it around without any problem.

·         How Soon Do the Effects become Visible?

I noticed the visible difference on my face when I finished the 7ml bottle. However, I will have to say that the effectiveness of the serum also depends on how you use it. You have to make sure that you apply it to your skin in a proper manner and when your skin is fully clean. At the same time, I recommend that you use a moisturizer after applying the serum. Do make sure that the moisturizer you use after the serum is of high quality. You do not want to blame the serum for poor results just because you applied a cheap moisturizer on your face afterward.

So, I can say that you will notice a visible difference in the radiance and glow of your skin after a week. Your skin will continue to get better for a month. After a month has passed, you only have to maintain the new radiance of your skin by using the product on a regular basis. I have been using it since day one and have not stopped its use because it keeps my skin looking young. Of course, the moment you stop using the product, the stress, emotional agents, pollution, etc. will attack your skin and make it look old and wrinkly again.

·         How to Apply the Lancome Youthful Serum

I always apply it at night. First, you have to make sure you wash your face with a gentle face wash. Tap dry your skin with a clean towel. Start applying the serum on your face with outward movement of your fingers. Take your nose as the center of your face and move your fingers outward to apply the serum. Cover your entire face while using your fingers gently. Do not massage it onto your skin because that’s not what the serum is meant for.

Once you have applied the serum completely, it is time you use your high-quality moisturizer on your face. I keep using the term “high quality” because a low quality moisturizer can nullify the effect of the serum.

Women Who Can Benefit the Most from Lancome Concentrate Serum

You understand who the anti-ageing products are for already. However, I have to say this with sadness that many women under the age of 30 can also use this serum from Lancome because ageing signs have started to appear quite early on women these days. More women work in office today than ever. They have to travel to their offices on a daily basis. During their travel time, they have to encounter the pollution in the air, smoke, UV rays from the sun, etc. The damage to their skin is huge. For that reason, many women have started to notice signs of ageing even before the age of 30.

However, the most suitable age group to use this product is 30 to 45. That’s when the ageing signs start to crawl onto your face and haunt you every day. It does not matter what type of skin you have because the serum works for just about anyone. The 7ml bottle from the company is a perfect gift for any woman who has to do a lot of traveling on a daily basis. This particular bottle fits perfectly, not only in your bag but a small clutch or purse as well.

Do I Recommend Lancome Youth Activating Genifique Serum?

Without a doubt, I recommend this product to any woman who has crossed the age mark of 30. In addition to the harmful agents, age itself causes a lot of misbalance of microbiome of your skin. While a healthy diet is a great way to keep the organisms in your skin healthy, a serum like this from Lancome is nothing less than a blessing. Use it at night and apply it in the proper manner that I have stated above to see the best and quickest results.

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