La Mer “Crème De La Mer” Review – The Real Truth About This Product!

La Mer “Crème De La Mer” Review – The Real Truth About This Product!

Crème De La Mer Review

Crème De La Mer
Crème De La Mer

If you have been reading my stuff for a while now, you will be fully aware of the fact that, when it comes to cosmetics on skin care, I, Yoshiko Carter have used tons of them. My experimentation with different types of moisturizing creams are the reason why I am able to give you such well-informed suggestions. During my past experiences with cosmetics and skin care products I have come across different kinds of face moisturizers. Some contain tons of vitamins in them; some have different variations of probiotics, while others contain mists and serums that allegedly are capable of renewing your skin’s look. Needless to say, the amount of excitement when it comes to skincare brands is more than just palpable.

Despite the abundance of different kinds of creams, especially face creams, we also have the reliable cult classics. These products have always been ever so reliable for our skin care routines.  I have always fallen back on them when my experimentation with newer brands do not work out. These cult classics that I am talking about have been there for a decade or two. Some have even been there for more than half a century. Some of these older brands have made a few upgrades to their formulas; however, they have also made sure to retain the original touch that made them famous in the first place.

A Brief History of Crème de La Mer

Inarguably, La Mer happens to be the queen of these brands. It has been here since the 50s and does not show any signs of stopping. You would be hard pressed to find a brand with as much longevity as La Mer has. Used by millions of families of generations, it truly has set a benchmark when it comes to renowned skincare products.

German scientist Max Huber was the founder of this skincare brand. I am sure a lot of you are wondering what a German scientist has to do with skin care. Well, the story runs quite deep. The founder, Max, had some serious skin problems back in the day. These problems arose because he burned his skin during an accident that occurred inside a lab. Not only did it put a huge dent on his appearance, it was also quite painful.

Tired by his predicament, Max started to conduct tests. He kept on conducting them until he found the right solution, and voila! Almost twelve years later after close to six thousand experiments, he discovered a solution. How did he do it? Well, he fermented pure ingredients that he got from the sea to create a miracle broth. One of these sea ingredients was kelp. This broth proved to be the correct solution for healing his skin. The results were fantastic, and Max got back to his old good looking self back again. Almost 70 years later, this miracle broth that we are talking about, is present in most of La Mer’s products today, most notably Crème de la mer.

How I got Introduced to It

One of my favorite hobbies is to visit the local cosmetic shops in Singapore. I just like to roam about and see what’s new and what people are buying. One of the products that I saw selling like hot cakes was the Crème de La Mer. I had always heard of La Mer’s products but surprisingly did not know much about this one. So it piqued my curiosity. Being the restless person I am, I immediately purchased a bottle of it to see what the hype really is about.

The First Time I Used Crème De La Mer

I vividly remember the first time I used this cream. I rubbed it on my face just like I usually apply regular moisturizers. I dipped my finger inside the tub, put some cream on my palm, and massaged it on my face.  However later on, I got to find out that this isn’t the pro’s way to apply a moisturizer, especially this one.

The consistency of this product is extremely rich. So, putting it on like sunscreen is out of the question. Make sure that you warm the cream by rubbing it between your fingers until you achieve a see through consistency. Only then can you massage it on your face. Just a little bit of this cream will last you for a relatively longer period.

The creams effects were noticeable in the first 5 to 7 days since I started using it. Here is a short list to let you know the things I noticed during my initial use:

  • My nose’s pores became incredibly smaller
  • The smell of this cream is as elegant as it gets
  • My dry and flaky skin cleared after four days
  • It took just five days for the skin beneath my eyes to become brighter

So, if you really care about your skin and want to see immediate results, I would highly suggest this cream as it is a worthwhile investment. Plus, the product lasts for long period. And since, you do not necessarily have to use this product each and every day; it may even last a little longer.

The formula used in Crème de La Mer is quite rich, in fact it is arguably richer than most of other products by La Mer. As I mentioned earlier, the density of this cream is slightly thicker. Similar to that of thick Greek yogurt. So, you will need to massage it a little more to achieve the right consistency, allowing you to rub it on every corner of your face. You will greatly benefit from it if you have especially dry skin. It will improve your complexion and hydrate your skin by tenfold.

An extraordinary blend of vitamins and sea kelp is present inside Crème de La Mer. Because of these ingredients, the cream provides users with deep penetrating and long lasting hydration. Its formula is perfect for mature, dry skin, however, oily skin types will equally benefit from it as well.

How Crème De La Mer Makes a Difference

For many years, this brand has created an excellent reputation. So much so that some people even consider it to be a cult favorite. All of the recognition it has gained is rightfully deserved because the cream indeed makes a difference. The ingredients present in it are a major factor for this difference.

As we discussed earlier, you will see a noticeable change on your skin within days. It will look much clearer, and the flakiness that is making you look older than you actually are will vanish. Some of the ingredients used in Crème de La Mer are a major reason why this cream makes a difference. Let us take a look at them.

Seaweed Extract

Seaweed extract is a much talked about ingredient that crème de la mer uses. Without this, this miracle broth would simply be a regular broth. The antioxidant properties inside this cream shield your skin from pollutants and other harmful elements. Seaweed particularly contains antioxidants from vitamin E, which are excellent to prevent the effect of ageing. They also shield your skin from the damage caused by Ultra violet rays. So yes, if you are looking to get youthful skin, this cream is the option.  Plus, seaweed extract is also capable of softening your skin by moisturizing it.

It must be abundantly clear to everyone by now ho big of a role seaweed extract plays for this cream. It would be a fair assumption that without it, this cream would perhaps not be as effective as it is.

Mineral Oil

This vital ingredient is the main reason why Crème De La Mer has an incredibly thick consistency. Made with crude oil, mineral oil is a common skincare ingredient that most brands use. It is also used in other cosmetic products which show how effective it is.

All you need to know about mineral oil is that it creates a protective barrier on your skin. It is comparable to wearing a raincoat for sealing your skin. Mineral oil makes sure that your skin does not lose water. It also ensures that the skin stressors and potential irritants do not enter your skin. Often times, creams that contain mineral oil in slightly larger quantities are referred to as barrier creams. The reason behind it is that they are excellent for extremely dry skin types. The presence of mineral oil is the reason why Crème de la mer instructs its users to warm the cream until it appears translucent.  This thick ingredient takes some time to absorb. Plus, it is mostly sits on the top most layers of your skin, which goes to show how heavy and thick this cream is (not a bad thing).

Final Thoughts

Just like all La Mer products, Crème De La Mer proves to be worth trying. Its quality is unparalleled in the world of moisturizing creams, and its price is more than justifiable because of the quality that the cream provides.

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